Gerard Rukenau (rukenau) wrote,
Gerard Rukenau


По итогам крымских событий можно сказать только одно: оказывается, критическое мышление вполне себе отъемлемо. Сегодня оно у тебя есть, а завтра нет. Пичалька!

Also, a thought occurred to me: if traumas make men (I mean that in the gender-inclusive sense) what they are, just as wounds make soldiers what they are, then the greatness of the story of Jesus Christ, who was by design the vessel of humanity's accumulated pain, is that his crucifixion was also the ultimate catharsis, the purging of all suffering, the return to the state of blissful, unmolested innocence. That lends the whole sequence a wholly different dimension of interpretation—nonexistence/nothingness, even if forcible, is the only way to resurrection in the pure form, as originally intended and as exemplified by his return. "Jesus died for our sins" means just that, then; this near-Buddhist line of reasoning.
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