Gerard Rukenau (rukenau) wrote,
Gerard Rukenau


As I now understand, the dark comedy of our political landscape—and by landscape I mean the dreaded regime and the opposition—is that both sides are equally incompetent and myopic, but only one has power. The fact that Shenderovich would evolve from a passable political jester to a repulsive cross between a drama queen and a village idiot is not surprising; one suspects it's a natural career path for someone in his line of work. But it is surprising that he seems to have never heard of Godwin's law.

It is interesting that the west (I mean normal people, respectful and capable of critical reasoning) tend to take us much more calmly than we take ourselves. I suppose that's because they have a sense of perspective (but one may of course prefer the alternative that they simply don't fully understand our plight...) We seem to lack that entirely; it is as if all of our history happened elsewhere and with a different species of man. This is as curious as it is frustrating and annoying at times.

On a lighter note, I hope we can win more gold!
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